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Ready for parenthood?

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I have just found out that I'm pregnant: a wonderful moment of happiness ... but also of many questions. Am I ready for motherhood ? Will we be good parents? Will I have maternal instincts? Fortunately you have nine months to prepare for life with your baby.

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Expecting a child is an extraordinary adventure. So is becoming parents! But this doesn't happen all at once: the process takes place in stages and some questions are normal and inevitable.

Learning to be a mother

Pregnancy is a time of intense upheaval: your body is changing, your hormones are playing up and your sensitivity has increased. In addition there are minor physical ailments and fatigue. It is normal that stress will get to you, fluctuating between moments of excitement and euphoria and times when you feel down, anxious, etc. Even if you have the easiest of pregnancies, you will pass through these various states.

During this nine-month period, you will have time to ask yourself a lot of questions. This forms part of a normal and necessary process: this is how - little by little - you will be defining yourself as a mother. To help you with this task, do not hesitate to talk about it: to a friend, to your mother or to a therapist if you feel the need.

And where is the father in all this?

For the father, this process is more specific. Even when he is actively involved in the pregnancy, he is still seeing it from the outside. He cannot rely on his physical feelings to get used to the idea of being a father, but must employ his imagination.

He may also find it difficult seeing you change; he may be feeling short-changed and incapable of helping you; it is up to you to reassure him and to show him that he has a role to play during these nine months.

Paternal instincts do not follow any rule: some men feel that they are fathers from the time the pregnancy is announced, while others feel it during the first ultrasound scan or when they feel the baby moving. Yet others feel parental once they have attended the birth or have given the baby its first bath.

How to prepare for parenthood

During these nine months, you will have time to get used to the idea of becoming parents. You are not born a parent - you become one: a new approach to parenthood has developed on the basis of this motto.

There is no "instruction manual" for becoming parents. It is up to each person to follow their instincts. Have confidence in yourself and everything will feel natural!

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